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Northern IL Sheep & Fiber Show

The Northern Illinois Sheep and Fiber show is coming up quick!! I just wanted to put a reminder out for everyone, that we will be accepting fiber for processing at the show (and will be offering a special discount for those that do). If you let me know ahead of time, either here or through FaceBook, I can get your name into the processing queue, before we get your fiber. It will also help us get the summer processing schedule in order.

I am going to be dyeing in the next week or so, and I am wondering what colors you all are looking for in rovings. Are you looking for solids, tons of color, monochomatic??? Let me know, because I would love to provide some fun new options!

Oh, by the way, the hand-dyed rovings this year will be Targhee, Rambouillet, and maybe... some Cormo.

Stop by and see us! We will be in our usual spot, in the HEATED building (I think it's actually Building C).

See you all soon!

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