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Spring Fiber Fling is almost here!!

Wow! It's just about 3 weeks until the Spring Fiber Fling at the McHenry County Fairgrounds in Woodstock, IL. So much to do, so limited amount of time.

Customer orders, dyeing new rovings (Rambouillet and Targhee), new colors for the loose fibers that can be used for felting or to make your own custom batt, and lots of yummy rovings! Lots and lots too keep my busy.

Really hoping to see everyone there. Be sure to stop by our booth to find out about the show special, and to also check out the really cool spindles by Scott Snyder that will be joining us for the show this year. Scott has a really fun techinque for "plying on the fly" on his drop spindle. Hoping he will give me a refresher on it. I love the turkish spindles from him. What could be better?? Pick up a new spindle from Scott and grab some roving to spin up from us.

Since the show is the weekend after Mother's Day, what could be better than to bring her to the Fiber show and get her some yarn, or fiber, or anything else that she takes a fancy to.

Everyone try and stay dry!! It's still raining buckets here (hoping the fairgrounds don't float away).

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