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2 Weeks and counting!!!

Just finished doing an inventory for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival. We will have over 25 lbs of various rovings for your spinning/felting pleasure. And, over 200 skeins are yarn in various fibers, weights and colors for you to choose from. There are even a few yarns that have matching dye lots, that we received from a "de-stash", and can now pass them on to you!

We have new colors of a beautiful Angora/Merino 80/20 lace weight. There are limited quantities of these, so get them quick. Speaking of quick, I also have only a limited quantity of Cormo roving this year (it's been a busy year..... THANKS TO ALL MY CUSTOMERS!), so again, this may disappear quickly.

Can't wait to see you all! Remember, that the mill processing turn times will grow after the show, so be sure to drop off your SKIRTED fleeces with us at the show to avoid the rush (and potential shipping charges).

Oh, almost forgot!!! We have a new booth location and it's bigger, HURRAY!!! We will be across the aisle from our previous spot, right next to the big side door. Now maybe I will have room to actually have my spinning wheel in the booth.

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