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It's February?!

Seriously, someone needs to slow time way down. At least for the next few weeks. We are moving to a new home, so that eventually we can have the mill on our own property. But for now, it's just moving the house. And moving in winter? What were we thinking??? Northern Illinois is COLD right now.

So, I wanted to re-iterate something very important about processing of fiber. It's about the shorts/second cuts and debris/vm in the fiber. It needs to come out before it gets to your processor. This will save you costs in the long run. A lighter shipping and incoming weight to the mill means hopefully a cheaper processing fee for you. For your mill it means a quicker processing overall. We don't have to be constantly checking over the fiber as it goes thru each machine looking for neps/shorts that will cause problems (uneven roving, lumpy yarn, etc). Not to mention the frustration factor.

We are looking forward to the new fiber show season, and we hope to see as many of you as possible at one (or all ) of the shows. Take care of yourself and your dear ones.

God Bless America and us all!

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