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First snow of the year!

Well, this was fun. Good thing it happened late on Friday into Saturday. 12+ inches of snow!!! Good news is that it will be gone probably by Thanksgiving, and temps will be warmer. Which means that processing at the mill won't be impacted.

See there is a "magical" ratio of temperature to humidity that needs to be maintained to avoid my arch-enemy STATIC. That magic number is 120 (temp + humidity). Too cold and humidity drops, so have to run the commercial fogger to raise it. Too hot and humidity can rise (mostly in summer) and everything sticks TOO much. It's a constant game. So my favorite seasons at the mill are spring and fall. Winter = too cold, Summer = too hot.

Processing a lot of alpaca for the next couple months, so this will be a challenge to keep the environmental issues under control. Wish me luck!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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