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I'm teaching at the Fiber Fest!

Hey everyone! Hope you all have been surviving the nasty spring weather we've had lately. I'm ok with rain, but storms and lots of wind, not so much!

Just to let you know, I will be teaching a class at the McHenry Spring Fiber Fling this year, along with Penny Cetner. We will be teaching "Toothbrush" or "Mountain" rugs. This class should be lots of fun! It's super easy, uses up strips of scrap fabric, and could possibly bring back memories of rugs you may have seen at your grandmother's house ( I know it does for me). There's still plenty of time to sign up, but the registration does have to be either mailed in or dropped off at the Fairgrounds office. I would suggest calling to let them know you are registering, so they can add you to the list and watch for the paperwork.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week, and a wonderful weekend. We are supposed to get warmer here , and I'm hoping for maybe a ride on the motorcycle (keeping fingers crossed) with Mike.

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