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Spring Has Sprung (we hope)!

The snow has finally left and I'm beginning to see some early spring flowers!! Was so tired of snow and cold weather.

You will start to see things moving along at the mill. We finished a very, very large order and can now get to some of the smaller orders again. Thank you everyone, for being so patient.

The McHenry County Spring Fiber Fling is a GO! This is very exciting as the local fiber show from previous years will not be happening anymore. Dates for the event are May 16-17 ( that's the weekend after Mother's Day). There will be something for everybody: from animals to see, touch and smell; demonstrations and classes. Visit the McHenry County Fair website for all the details.

Shearing season is upon us. With this will come weekly shifts of our turn-times, as the ebb and flow of fleeces coming in will change from week to week. If you are planning on having us process some (or all ) of your fiber, please be sure to give us a heads up so we can properly set the schedules. Thanks so much!

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