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Welcome to All American Fibers! This has been an exciting year, getting the mill up-to speed. The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Fest was a great time. Seeing old friends, and meeting new friends. I always enjoy meeting new people. We are such a diverse group of people, all with the love of fiber and fiber arts.

One of these days, I will be able to go to classes again. New techniques, new yarns, being out of the show booth (j/k). One memorable class was a sock blank dyeing, with my husband. It was a "just for fun" class, with everyone getting to play with dyes and resists. I stuck with my favorite colors, blues/purples/turquoise. It came out very pretty, and looked completely different would up. I can't wait to starting knitting with it (pics then). Now I go into this because we are the proud owners of 2 antique circular sock machines. My husband also dyed up some yarn that we joke about being "giraffe" yarn, yellows with brown spots. I've been watching him use this yarn wih the sock machine, and I really like it. Maybe I should have him do some more dyeing for me, what do you think? We could add them to the dyed yarns in the booth. Hmm.....



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