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Your fiber can be delivered in person (please call or email ahead of time) or mailed any way you choose. A 50% down payment is required. Please fill out a separate order form for each bag of fiber (wool, alpaca, llama, goat) and be specific as to how you would like fiber returned to you. The Order Form is located in the Pricing Guide. Final payment is due when your order is completed. After 30 days any finished product not paid for becomes the property of All American Fibers.


If we feel your fiber needs additional skirting, we will skirt fiber at $25.00 per hour. After your fiber is weighed at the mill it is put on the skirting table to check your skirting for the product you ordered. Fleeces sent with burrs, felting or extreme vegetable matter will be returned at your expense.


Your fiber is washed with a mild soap. We provide 2 washes and 3 rinses. Some fiber requires an additional wash. Additional washes may be required for fine or extra greasy fibers.


If you are sending washed fiber we reserve the right to wash again to protect our equipment.


After you fiber is dry it will be picked to open the fibers and kick out small pieces of vegetable matter. This is also one of the processes to blend colors or 2 or more types of fiber together.


The carding process will produce batts, roving, or bumps. This will also remove some short fibers and vegetable matter.


Our batts are 18 x 72 inches.


Carding will also blend 2 types of fiber more after blending at the picker.


This process improves the roving consistency and quality.  This roving makes for exceptional drafting during hand-spinning.


It is required for continuing to the spinning of yarn.


At this step, the blending of colors increases. Two colors of roving can also be combined to create side-by-side color rovings or unique coloring in yarn.


Our spinning service includes washing, picking, carding, spinning, and skein winding.


We offer single ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, and 4 ply yarn.

*Please note:  Some fibers simply are not suitable for spinning, due to age/condition of fiber.  All American Fibers reserves the right to not spin these fibers at our discretion.



Skeins will be wound based on our standard yardage unless you specify differently.


Skeins can be washed to remove the spinning oils at an additional charge.

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