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All American Fibers is dedicated to processing your fiber into products you are proud to use and sell. 


Your order form will stay with your fiber throughout the entire process.  Fiber will be weighed, tagged, inspected and washed (if necessary) prior to further processing.


We do all washing in small batches to ensure squeaky-clean fiber, with biodegradable detergents, and 160+ degree water.


We will notify you if we feel that additional washes beyond the normal 2 wash, 3 rinse process is required to get your fiber to it's best possible processing state.


After thoroughly drying, it’s off to the picker, to be opened and fluffed up.  Blending can take place at this time, depending on the amount of blending desired (we can talk about it).


Your fiber will go through our Patrick Green carder, all by itself or with some blending fiber for company,  to become bumps, batts (18” x 72”), or roving.


Your fiber’s journey can stop there or continue on to become lovely yarns.



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